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FC Training comes with the FromCounsel stamp of quality relied on by our many subscriber firms. Lawyers can be assured that they are receiving unrivalled training allowing them to excel in a competitive legal market. We provide essential training through to more advanced legal training to educate and upskill lawyers. Single annual subscription gives comprehensive access to training covering a wide range of legal topics enabling you to upskill your teams cost effectively. 

Simple and intuitive access to training via one platform

• Regular updates
The content is regularly updated to ensure the latest legal knowledge.  Downloadable additional resources facilitates practical application of learning in day-to-day transactions.

• Simply priced training solution
Single annual subscription gives comprehensive access to a wide range of legal topics enabling you to upskill your teams cost effectively.

• Feature rich platform
Searching and filtering tools, coupled with clearly outlined learning objectives, enable learners to quickly identify training for their specific learning requirements and help them to meet the SRA's continuing competencies.

• Power user portal
Supports the administration and management of your legal training programme, the creation of personalised learning plans and provides dashboards to monitor course status and learner progress.

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FC Training knowledge 
at a glance

FC Podcasts
  • Bite size learning and quick listens
  • Coverage includes our topical legal developments, current awareness and news updates
FC Foundation E-Learning
  • Delivers easily digestible modules with engaging visuals and audio enhancing learning experience
  • Consolidates application of legal knowledge and ‘learning by doing’ through interactive elements 
  • Aimed at early career fee earners (such as trainees and apprentices) up to mid-level lawyers and those requiring refresher training
  • Provides key foundational legal knowledge ensuring junior practitioners have a solid grasp of the law and the skills required to confidently deliver common transactions
FC Advanced E-Learning
  • Delivers pre-recorded, problem focused sessions (including audio and visuals) delivered by barristers and FromCounsel subject matter specialists
  • Provides insights and analysis of legal issues and offers solutions to hidden traps 
  • Addresses ‘problems that keep lawyers awake at night’ through expert views
  • Advances legal knowledge through practical application of legal principles to problem-based scenarios
  • Upskills your teams to deliver higher value complex work


Foundation E-Learning
Advanced E-Learning

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