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Navigating the complex corporate legal landscape demands efficiency, accuracy, and up-to-date knowledge. As in-house legal to PE and VC businesses you play a crucial role in governance, compliance, risk, communication, and strategic planning. In addition, you need to respond quickly to your team. Trusted by over 90% of the Top 100 leading corporate law firms and the legal arms of the 'Big Four' accounting firms, FromCounsel's product suite will streamline and enhance the way you work. 

FC for Private Equity and Venture Capital

As a subscriber, you can access a comprehensive suite of valuable resources. This includes FC Corporate Knowledge, FC Documents, and FC Employment Knowledge, as well as FC News, the daily news service, ensuring you stay updated with the latest trends in corporate and employment law. 

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FC Corporate Knowledge
Comprehensive corporate law knowledge delivered in a Q&A style, including views from barristers at Erskine Chambers, the leading corporate set. Coverage includes risk management, directors' duties, distributions, share issue and transfer, and shareholder and board decision-making, enabling you to answer urgent questions without waiting for external input.
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FC Documents
Spend less time on manual paperwork and more time on strategic tasks and deliver these quickly to the business. The service provides an array of up-to-date documents and a dynamic automated document production platform, covering the complete range of corporate actions and transactions.
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FC Employment Knolwedge
Detailed information on employment law in a Q&A format with views from barristers at Cloisters Chambers, a leading employment set. This resource covers over 50 key areas, such as TUPE, terminations, contracts, discrimination and whistleblowing, providing an extensive overview of various aspects of employment law in an evolving business.
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Why choose FromCounsel?

FromCounsel offers more than knowledge - it provides day-to-day solutions and the ability to deploy these quickly. Developed as a collaboration between members of leading chambers in the area and a team of knowledge lawyers drawn from the UK's leading law firms.

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Comprehensive. A knowledge bank of questions from the basics to complex legal issues.
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Tailored. Focused on the critical areas that in-house in PE/VC need for day-to-day portfolio management.
Accurate. Answers, including where the law is unclear, through guidance from leading barristers.
Flexible. Range of Q&A levels delivering the degree of detail suited to the business need.
Efficient. Generate essential corporate and business paperwork in seconds with comprehensive automated documents.
Time saving
Fast. Provides a dynamic tool that enhances private equity firms' legal proficiency and operational efficiency.

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